Top Law Schools in Oklahoma

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  2. March 24, 2014 4:41 pm

Top Law Schools in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a relatively small state, and as such, it has a relatively small number of prospective law students. While many states have a large number of law schools, Oklahoma only has three. The University of Oklahoma College of Law and Tulsa University’s law school are the top two in the state, and most people who end up practicing in the state will have attended those two schools. In particular, the law school at OU feeds many of the local firms and a lot of the local government rolls, too.

University of Oklahoma College of Law

OU is the largest university in the state, and many students from the state end up staying home to study law there. The school is relatively small with only 527 full-time students. In addition, it sits right in the middle of the second tier of law schools, making it a very good choice for those students who want a good education at a nice price. It was founded all the way back in 1909, and it has developed a rich history in those more than 100 years. Lately, the school has focused on providing students with small class sizes and many oil and gas options, as those students prepare to work in the emerging energy field.

Tulsa University College of Law

The law school at Tulsa University trails Oklahoma in the rankings, and it provides a different kind of atmosphere. Also located within the second tier, the school there has a smaller enrollment at just more than 300 students. In addition, it is a private school, so tuition is higher for those students who are not lucky enough to get a good scholarship. The school was established in 1923, and it is known for feeding students into the public sector in the city of Tulsa.

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