The Oklahoma State Courts Network: Helpful Resource for All

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  2. March 24, 2014 4:42 pm

The Oklahoma State Courts Network: Helpful Resource for All

It is not often that a site comes about that can offer something to everyone in the legal community. That seems to be what has happened, though, as the OSCN is designed just for that purpose. Dubbed the Oklahoma State Courts Network, the site offers resources for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Principally, the site is there for research purposes, as it offers a very efficient system where attorneys can look up case citations in an instant. It also has resources for families and people accused of crimes. Taken together, the site is one that must be on the bookmark list for any person who operates in the Oklahoma legal system.

The Site’s Many Resources

Many different kinds of people can come and enjoy the resources provided by this site. At the top, lawyers can use quick citation searches to do legal research without having to go through one of the major research portals. In addition, there are links with news about the Oklahoma court system. This is tremendously helpful for those people who are trying to stay on top of all the changes. The site runs news on the lower criminal and civil courts as well as the appellate courts that cover the state.

A Powerful Tool for Non-lawyers

It’s not just lawyers who will benefit from using this particular site. Non-lawyers who have a matter pending in front of the court can use the site to find their important legal forms. They can find out information about what they need to do when they go to help. They can also search the docket to figure out when and where they are supposed to appear. This is something that has been necessary in the state of Oklahoma for a long time, and the site is stepping in to fill that important void.

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