Oklahoma Bar Association: A Helpful Resource

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  2. March 24, 2014 4:43 pm

Oklahoma Bar Association: A Helpful Resource

Do you need an Oklahoma lawyer? Check out http://www.okbar.org for the Oklahoma Bar Association. The OKBar’s website is a user-friendly, informative resource not only for attorneys but also for the general public. In fact, the top button on the right menu is “General Public” and links to resources for learning about the OKBar, researching legal issues, finding a lawyer, and filing a grievance.

Established by the Oklahoma Supreme Court, the OKBar regulates Oklahoma’s legal profession. In fulfilling its creed to foster and maintain integrity, learning, competence, public service, and high standards of conduct, the OKBar serves as a valuable public resource. While much of the website focusses on the needs of Oklahoma lawyers, it is easy to access and find public information.

Clear links offer help on how to find an attorney. The menu button “Find a Lawyer” starts a search of Bar members by practice area, location, or name. In addition, links are available to legal directories, referral services, and no or low cost legal assistance. County bar associations are listed, many of which offer local public resources.

The website contains free brochures and handbooks on many topics including health care, employment, home buying, bankruptcy, criminal law, and divorce. There is information about the conduct standards for attorneys, and also about Oklahoma courts and judicial conduct standards to help you understand the trial system. For further legal research, it offers a useful page of links to other resources.

The OKBar’s grievance procedure is accessed through the General Public page. The process and requirements for filing a complaint against an attorney are concisely explained, and the initial filing form is free. There is also a link for complaints against judges.

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